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Picture Framers Pricing App

48.77 usd

The App has been designed by professional framers, many of them with decades of experience in the industry.“Keep it simple” is the keynote, leaving you to do your job of talking to clients and making frames. By using portable devices (phones & tablets) you can give prices on the move, at Markets, Fairs and even clients homes. The App can be configured to many different pricing strategies.It is easy to change parameters to configure program to your business.Price are worked out using a tried & tested algorithm.Use Metric or Imperial measurement units.Shows amount of moulding needed.Price any moulding using the moulding reference number, from a CSV file (see website for details).Or - moulding can be priced using a moulding code (given by the program).Choose £, $ or € ( or other symbol) to show final price.
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